Caterham Superlight R400 SV


At a glance:

Superlight R400

Series 5 Chassis (SV)

10600 Miles

McLaren Orange

Registered in 2009



2.0L Ford Duratec Engine 220bhp

Roller Barrel Throttle Bodies

6 Speed Ford Type-9 Gearbox

Limited Slip Differential



Adjustable Platform Superlight Suspension

Bilstein Dampers

De-Dion Rear Axel

Watts Linkage

Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Bar

13" Black Superlight Alloys with wide rears

Avon CR500 Tyres

Caterham Uprated Brake Master Cylinder

Caterham Uprated Quad Piston Front Callipers

Caterham Uprated Front Vented Discs



Track Day Roll Over Bar

4 Point Harness

Thatcham Category 2 Immobiliser



Adjustable Leather Seats

Lowered Floors

Momo Quick Release Steering Wheel

Push Button Start

ACES Change Up Lights

Carbon Fibre Dashboard


Side Screen Armrests



Carbon Fibre Cycle Wings


Weather Equipment:

Heated Windscreen

Side Screens

Full Hood


If you wanted a Caterham to use on the road the R400 was always really the pinnacle of Caterham’s Superlight range.

Sure, the R500 delivers another level of savagery, but as a road going car, it is hard to live with.

With a 0-60mph time of sub 4 seconds, the R400 is in truth far faster than you would ever be able to really exploit on the roads. The difference is however, that unlike its big brother, the R400 is very manageable at low speeds.

On paper, the Throttle Body upgrade just isn’t worth it. "Circa £2000 for 10bhp, no way". But honestly, it’s the best £2000 you'll ever spend if you have a Duratec powered Caterham. The Throttle Bodies give the 2.0L Ford engine a totally new level of drama. The extra 10bhp does of course make a small difference, but that’s not what we pay for. For the driving purist, the throttle response becomes razor sharp, but for the 10-year-old inside of us all, it’s all about the noise! The induction noise coming from under the bonnet on full throttle instantly makes you feel like a wold champion racing driver as you are being pinned to the back of your seat by the relentless power. Coupling that to the newly added pops and bangs which flame from the exhaust that can literally set car alarms off, its every petrol heads dream!

This excellently kept and under-used R400 SV has everything you could want for the ultimate road going Caterham. It has performance in spades from its 220bhp engine which also provides a soundtrack to die for. Looks that will turn the heads of any pedestrian with its angry McLaren paint, Carbon Fibre wings and deep-dish Superlight alloys. And of course, an abundance of space and comfort with its Leather seats, lowered floors, full weather equipment and comforting heater.

Could this be Caterham's "King of the Road"? It just might.

For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Part Exchange: Welcome

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Tel: 07887 514548


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