About Callum

Hello, my name is Callum McDougall

Here is a little about who I am and why I can help​.

I have grown up immersed in the Caterham world. When I was born in 1989 my father was already racing Caterhams and working with my  mother who was the Coordinator for all Caterham's in house racing championships. This was a role she fulfilled whilst I grew into my teens, which of course meant many, many weekends of Caterham racing.

In my early working career I would take annual leave from my day job to work for free with Caterham, washing cars and generally annoying the technicians. After 5 years of working in the retail and banking sectors I joined Caterham Cars as a Sales Executive. 

I spent three years working at the sales site in Caterham, Surrey, making up one third of the sales team and finding new homes for nearly 400 Caterhams. During that time Caterham went through a management restructure and re-branding which ultimately brought about my next opportunity.


Two of Caterham's ex-Directors set up a new venture and offered me the challenging role of Sales Manager for their brand new company, Sevens & Classics. Over the next five years I was responsible for growing the business, buying and selling all of our stock, but most importantly, looking after our customers.

I have always prided myselft on successfully Identifying each customers specific needs and using my extensive knowledge and experience to match them up with the right car.

I have bought and sold over 1000 Caterhams and have been lucky enough to drive almost every model and variation Caterham have ever built.

Caterhams are my passion, I will never tire of them. I race my current Caterham under the banner of Frugal Racing. I will never be without one.

Looking at the Caterham marketplace can be very confusing, particularly if you are looking for your first 7. There are dozens of models and hundreds of options for each one, making every Caterham unique. I can help you navigate through this complexity.


If you would like help finding the right Caterham for you, advice on local service agents, or would simply like to ask some questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to pass on my knowledge and talk Caterhams.